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Daniele Pellegrini is an Italian photojournalist who was born near Venice in 1945. The main topics of his profession are geography, anthropology, archeology and wildlife.  

He graduated in Political Sciences at the Catholic University of Milan, with a thesis on the ethnology  of the Kafirs of the Hindu Kush, an Afghan ethnic group.
He is considered a son of art, having followed his parents Lino and Elena Pellegrini, who were worldwide journalists and photographers for over fifty years.

Daniele started his photographic career In 1967 and 1969,  documenting his two car trips across Asia and South America. These trips were the inspiration to his decision to make the first ever round world truck journey,  together with his photographer friend Cesare Gerolimetto

This historic feat, in an off-road Fiat-Iveco 75 PC renamed "Antonio Pigafetta" in honour of Magellan's historian, was done between 1976 and 1979, covered 184.000 kms, and crossed 48 countries in 5 continents.  It entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1982. Many photographs of the journey were published in the world press and a book "Un camion intorno al mondo" (A truck around the world) was published in 1980 (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore).

From 1967 to 1981 his photographs could be found in many illustrated magazines such as, Epoca, Oggi, La Domenica del Corriere, Atlante, Quattroruote, Gente Motori, etc.

In 1981 the monthly magazine AIRONE was born, that became the leading geographical magazine in Italy and a historical success among Italian publications. Daniele started his contribution from the first issue and became AIRONE's contract photographer for 21 years, traveling around the  world for 6-8 months every year. For AIRONE he produced about 200 stories that were sometimes published also by major European magazines, such as GEO (Germany), GEO (France), Grand Reportages (France), Terre Sauvage (France), etc. He also took part in three international book projects, made by the world's leading photojournalists: "A day in the life of America", A day in the life of Italy", "Discovering Ecuador".
Daniele also covered some historic events, such as the terrible famine in Ethiopia 1985, a United Nations mission in Afghanistan in 1990 and the tragedy of the Kurdish refugees after the Gulf war in Irak in 1991, where he photographed the work of the UN peace volunteers and  humanitarian agencies.

In 2001 his profession was the subject of a thesis at the University of Parma (Italy), with the title: "Daniele Pellegrini, travel photographer".

Now Daniele, who has been shooting film, Kodachrome until 1992 and Fuji Velvia/Provia until 2003, has accepted with enthusiasm the new challenges and opportunities given by the digital revolution. He's now using Nikon digital cameras and being a very versatile and eclectic photographer is continuously updating his style to adapt it both to new trends and also to new ideas.

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